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on: November 04, 2014, 06:28:07 AM 1 Community Chat / General Chat / Re: CONGRATS to Andrea

Congrats Andrea - I know how much you love these cats :)  Nice to see a bit of your life.

on: November 04, 2014, 05:10:44 AM 2 Community Chat / General Chat / Re: CONGRATS to Andrea

Oh wow, thanks for sharing dspin! Congratulations Andrea!!!!  *pirata*

on: November 03, 2014, 02:02:07 PM 3 Community Chat / General Chat / Re: CONGRATS to Andrea

CONGRATS Andrea!! You were the Steward? That sounds fun!  ;D

Did you show your cats also? Or is that not allowed since you are now officially part of the Show?

on: November 03, 2014, 09:32:58 AM 4 Community Chat / General Chat / Re: CONGRATS to Andrea

CONGRATS Andrea, grate examples and for sure you did have a lot fun there  *pflag*

on: November 03, 2014, 08:21:06 AM 5 Community Chat / General Chat / Re: CONGRATS to Andrea

Many congrats Andrea.. A fantastic achievement.. Well done my friend

on: November 03, 2014, 08:18:33 AM 6 Community Chat / General Chat / Re: CONGRATS to Andrea

Thanks Dspin! Yes I'm really proud... Next year Sweden  *pirata*

This is only the first step... One day, maybe in 1 year or 2, I will start studying to become judge  ;D

on: November 03, 2014, 08:07:01 AM 7 Community Chat / General Chat / Re: CONGRATS to Andrea

Thank you very much my friend!!!
Last weekend I was in Prague for the World Cat Show with about 1600 cats.
It is a big event for all cat breeders and this year I was there as a Steward.
I also had the privilege to take on stage 2 cats bred from 2 friends that became World Winners.
The first is the one on the first picture.
This is the second :-)

on: October 30, 2014, 09:03:05 PM 8 Caravela Mods / Introduce Yourself / Re: Hello from France

Hi dspin,
thanks a lot for your nice welcome.
I think to find a lot pleasure with you all

on: October 30, 2014, 10:02:00 AM 9 Caravela Mods / Introduce Yourself / Re: Hello from France

Thanks Dspin
I appreciate your welcome

on: October 15, 2014, 11:13:57 PM 10 Caravela Mods / Introduce Yourself / Re: Hello from Cali

Hi mate and welcome  *psmiley* have a look round and enjoy. If you need any help just ask :)
Sorry but the word clone on here, is rather  like swearing TBH, Clones will not be tolerated on here, as its disrespectful to Pedro and fellow members.

on: September 10, 2014, 06:20:18 AM 11 Community Chat / General Chat / Re: Authentic, ACCURATE extracted Tobaccos

Hi Kwalker,

i have ordered and payed my juice weeks or better months ago.

You dont answer on Facebook or eMail and i have just one week left to choose the paypal buyers support.

I dont want to be rude, but you should at least tell your customers whats going on. Otherwise i have to take my payment back.

hopefully you respond in time.

Pirate Phips that was not the case. Ken kept everyone posted and assigned a couple of admins to speak for him and keep up posted when he couldn't. He took the time out to reach out to people when he could. He even was posting on his phone while he was moving from rest stops. I know that everyone got a little nervous thinking that they were being hoodwinked, but it takes a lot of humbleness to spill his guts the way he did. Like I said on FB if he don't fill my order I will give $60 for the man to have a piece of mind. Ken got my respect! Oh yeah he got my order out quick when he got back on his feet!

on: September 09, 2014, 06:26:55 AM 12 Community Chat / General Chat / This forum

I joined this form just to read learn and maybe participate a little. What I found is a vela family and for that I thank you. I have enjoyed watching Pedro's humbleness & love for people. The friends I met and chat with on and off the forum (s8, blu, mpires, dspin, Keith, ken walker, laco, Steve g, vw). I love goofing with mpires. I love watching friends looking out for friends helping the to achieve their desires. I think I have seen more of this on this page then I have ever seen in my life. I find my self just coming here to sooth my spirit on rough days.

Ooh yeah somopoppy I know he don't post much anymore but from being up here I know he's lurking. Lol!

Thank you Pedro for creating this vela spirit. This is why I will never left #510 go!

on: July 21, 2014, 03:02:22 PM 13 Community Chat / General Chat / Re: Dspin's Dog and Pony show !

We are dog-sitting today! This is our friend's 9 week old labradoodle - it was first thing in the morning and she was everywhere at once!

on: July 17, 2014, 04:47:45 PM 14 Community Chat / General Chat / Re: Pima Cotton Sliver for Attys

Dispin is right with cotton, Less is definitely more I have said the same.

With regards to the postage etc, I am sure things will be ok :) . From what I have know of Dspin, he will not recomend anyone on a whim. It takes a lot to gain his trust, especially to the point of him recommending something. I only wish I had the vape budget of trying some of these juices, as I would in a flash. I have not, so I am reluctant to try them. what I have not tried i do not miss, to a certain extent :))

I have faith that all will be good, so dont worry   *yarr*
I don't wanted to know how he dies it exactly.
I just asked if they analysed the liquid in the end to  check if there are other tobacco relatet substances in it besides the vlavour.

i think it must be allowed to ask "have you did analyse he liquid and can you tell exactly whts in it.

thats it. dont want to know more.

The perfect answer would be
VG, nicotine, aroma, no diacetin no triacetin no sugar no oil no nitrosamine no tobacco relatet substances.
Like i said putting a tobacco leaf into VG is not all of the work ;)

Hello everyone,

I have not been receiving notifications from the forum. I'll have to see about changing that setting. Luckily I am much better with my liquid than a computer... :-)

I have not received the results from the lab tests yet, however please keep in mind my process has been overseen by a chemist, and I have been instructed on what I can and can not do.

There is no alcohol used ever, which would allow nitrosamines and plant material to come thru in the extraction.
Also the filtration method I'm using is second to none. All extracts are triple filtered, when 1 time thru filter would be sufficient.
That's really all I'm comfortable going into detail about, as far as how I'm doing things.

I hope I've helped a bit with your questions.
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