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on: September 09, 2014, 06:26:55 AM 1 Community Chat / General Chat / This forum

I joined this form just to read learn and maybe participate a little. What I found is a vela family and for that I thank you. I have enjoyed watching Pedro's humbleness & love for people. The friends I met and chat with on and off the forum (s8, blu, mpires, dspin, Keith, ken walker, laco, Steve g, vw). I love goofing with mpires. I love watching friends looking out for friends helping the to achieve their desires. I think I have seen more of this on this page then I have ever seen in my life. I find my self just coming here to sooth my spirit on rough days.

Ooh yeah somopoppy I know he don't post much anymore but from being up here I know he's lurking. Lol!

Thank you Pedro for creating this vela spirit. This is why I will never left #510 go!
I have say an evening on a subject; " I believe that I am not here, with you, accidentally. "
As I have already read it, and it's true, we come on this forum hoping to acquire a mod, and we remain there for his community , and people we meet.
I thank first of all Pedro and mpires for that.
Following this sentence, several persons gave me the hand, at the same time.
First of all S8, my friend, to give all that he could so that I can reach this dream: touch one little work of Pedro.
Then Dspin, you have a subject only for you on the forum and i understand because your photos and your words have great value.
And then Somopoppy intervened, I had not discussed nevertheless a lot with Somo.
This dear friend offers me the luck  incredible to come aboard the vessel of Pedro. I understood well that he has to have an incredible collection of precious. They are his. Fruit of an unconditional love for Caravela.
Somo decides then to share it with me and shares a part of his road with me.
This evening there, I hesitated between two incredible presents, my brain was in a profound fog, boiling.
Then discussing with S8 and Somo, I have of to make a decision.
Thanks to you, I begin my adventure Caravela.
Came next of this invaluable it is not an end, is a beginning. It is in the sense that the forum of Pedro is magic. And it is unique.
I am going to travel with Poppy, because the choice was so made between Somo and me. And Somo left me the choice. Somo, had made engrave "Poppy" on the button of his 684 stainless.
This choice also made because I love people, objects, stories which have one histories to them. I need in my life, for everything, to feel things made with the heart and which one lived, a history.
For all this and more still I wish to thank you,
And also Blu, Vwls, Shappy and I forget a lot . But I shall return on the subject.
At the moment, I am going to travel with my Poppy.
Well, I have nothing to put in on  for the moment above but consider I, it will be a day adorned as it is necessary of one Vela Latina.
Thank for all mates

on: May 25, 2014, 08:20:35 PM 3 Community Chat / General Chat / A Special Thread for Dspin

Dspin. Most everyone here knows the man, and his brusque but kind manner. Many know his reputation as a stand up person who tells the truth, loves vaping and collecting fine gear, takes amazing photographs, and at times carries out unusual acts of generosity.

Some know that when he trusts you, he will give you the shirt off his back. And one or two have seen that he has a heart of gold and is loyal to the core.

Not much more to be said, but seldom in life do we get the thanks we deserve, and I felt it was time.

This is a thread to give thanks to the man, and to tell a story of what he did for you.

When I first came to the C+ forums, I knew I had found a home among some awesome people, but I still had a sad place inside where there was no Caravela. Dspin reached out to me and made everything better in his own special way. I have seen him do this again and again... with people he has never met. There is no reason for a man to do these things except to spread happiness.

I will never forget that Dspin sold me the stunning, historic Caravela 58 at cost, nor forget the patient advice he has given me time and again. He could have auctioned 58 for a fortune but that is not his way. For this act of kindness, and for countless others, I send my thanks and appreciation to a rare person who I will always support and care for.

Thank you, sir. May the legend live on.

on: April 06, 2014, 09:10:27 AM 4 Community Chat / General Chat / Amazing community

I don't like to post much or talk much for that matter but after reading through this forum I felt the need to say something. I came here because I love the craftsmanship and simplicity of design of the Vela and couldn't stop thinking about owning one. I thought I would come here and start browsing trying to find someone that was willing to part with one but what I found was a lot more rewarding. This community is thoughtful and kind. What a breath of fresh air. The internet tends to be a scary place and so I find myself not saying anything because of the fear of what others will say. I don't feel that here. The Caravela is definitely more to me then a shiny piece of hardware now and that makes me want one even more. I'm excited to be part of this community and hope that I can contribute.

on: March 28, 2014, 06:12:40 AM 5 Caravela Mods / Introduce Yourself / Hello from Canada

Hi everyone,

Thanks for accepting me among you fine folks! I'm a prolific member of the ECF and a constant figure at our own local forum - Wackedoutecig.Ca. I do infrequently write at Vapor Wall as well.

Having been on this journey for quite some time; and having been using some quality mods myself I understand the virtues of possessing the right gear/s and being with the right group of like minded people. Which is why I am here.

Let me also take this opportunity to appreciate my friendship with Dspin (a member here), who reminded me to be part of this team for whatever it takes. I hope to be able to maintain the dignity of that choice.

Thanks & regards,


on: March 26, 2014, 10:53:02 AM 6 Community Chat / General Chat / So many things in only one year

One year ago, I bought a spinner and some stardust.
One year ago, I make my entry in the world of vaping.
One year ago, I smock my last cigarette.

So many things happen during this year. The discovery of vaping, the entry in the electronic mod, the discovery of the rebuildable atomizer, the joy of mechanical mod, the marvelous world of high end material.

Also, great news came with this at the beginning around me, and every thing was shiny. That was great.

The end of 2013 was cloudy for me, and the beginning of 2014 is darker. But a great shiny light come to me with the generosity of dspin ( *doglick* ), and fulfill a dream. This dream will be in my hand one day. I do not know when, but I know it will happen.

Today, I celebrate one year without tobacco cigarette. I am proud of this, but the happiness is not with me now, that's life.

But I go threw those problems without cigarette, and that is the most important. Vaping on nice stuff, reading happy message, good news from honest people, give me the little pleasure in those stormy moments and help me being away from the tobacco products.

Have a smiling day, and may your way far from the tobaco be shiny as a rainbow

on: January 18, 2014, 03:03:24 PM 7 Community Chat / General Chat / European Scientists' letter for E-Cig

Just a little passage hear to give you this letter from the scientist send to the Europeans deputies

On January 16, 2014, a group of eminent scientists in the field of tobacco and e-cigarettes sent the following letter to the EU Commission, directing their attention to a number of scientific errors in the proposed Tobacco Products Directive (TPD). Their concerns also extend to the misinterpretations and misuse of some data from individual pieces of research

In French :

For an English version see here :

Für die deutsche Übersetzung finden Sie hier:

on: October 19, 2013, 01:31:35 PM 8 Community Chat / General Chat / Big Thanks to ObeyOne

Been thinking of a way to thank Obeyone, apart from just saying thank you. as he sent me a SS 18350 GP on Monday. I had shown interest in it, as he was selling it, little did i ever imagine that he would send  it to me without excepting any payment for it. I was initially quite embarrassed by the offer, but he refused anything for it and said he would pack it up and send it over which he did very quickly. I will say I have a thing or two up my sleeve, so watch out mate  *spy* :))

I just want to say A Big thank you mate and thank you for the friendship that we have built over the last few months or so. and I should extend this thanks to all of those that keep the forum going for us and the other friends that I know that we have made on here.

Cheers my friends


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