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on: January 19, 2016, 04:22:56 AM 1 Caravela Mods / Introduce Yourself / Re: Howdy

I like your very thoughtful interpretation of what it means to be a pirate - lovely to have you here and welcome to the family!

Please excuse the long delay in response... we have migrated over to Facebook these days for the most part, and I find I check these walls less and less. I am glad I came over though to meet you, and hope to speak to you again.

 *pirata* *boat2* *boat1*

on: January 19, 2016, 04:07:51 AM 2 Caravela Mods / Introduce Yourself / Re: Greetings from Oslo Norway

Reidar I sincerely apologize for the long wait in responding. Most everyone has migrated over to Facebook these days and I only check the forum once in a while.

Please come and join us there.

In the interim I have a few suggestions.

1) The base of your mod has an adjustment inside - this can push the battery higher in the tube.

2) Are the batteries you are using flat tops? If so, you may have better luck with a nipple top.

on: August 26, 2015, 07:58:28 AM 4 Community Chat / General Chat / Re: What are you listening to?

I like Seether/Puddle of Mudd/Chevelle too.  *pbounce* Sounds like we have similar taste. I'm happy you introduced me to Daniela Andrade.
Thank you very much. Now that I quit the cigarettes I'm hoping to be around a little longer to watch my son grow older. It sounds like Mr. Carvalho's mods will last a lifetime as well.

Yes you can be sure your Caravela will outlive all of us :)

Great decision to quit smoking for your son... I made the choice for my daughter years ago, and still believe it was one of the best things I've ever done... Not to mention that vaping turns out to be SO much more enjoyable than smoking ever was (just an awesome bonus).

on: July 28, 2015, 07:33:50 AM 8 Community Chat / General Chat / Re: What are you listening to?

Can't seem to get the YouTube function to work.
Oh please, oh please!

I have been vaping for 3 years and would cherish ownership of a Caravela mod. So exquisite and beautiful.

I would not sleep unless my mod was under lock and key!!!!

If you can make my dream come true I would do anything!!

Thank you,

Nick x

There are several Caravelas for sale in the Classifieds:

on: February 03, 2015, 02:40:11 PM 11 Community Chat / General Chat / Re: Titanium coated mouthpiece

I've never tried a titanium tip, but a drip tip only gets hot when you're running a very hot build (nothing to do with the tube underneath the atty). If you are running something hot, a Pyrex or Delrin tip solves the problem.
Kikko, PM Barb - she has something going on right now I believe. :)
Many thanks for the warm sentiments. I am moving through it and grateful for my new job, which is keeping me so busy, that I haven't had much time to be sad.

My brother hasn't checked in with me much these past few days, which probably means he is smoking lol. But I don't want to be a policeman either. He'll simply have to want it...

I know for me, the desire to not smoke was very strong and pure... but also it's a personality type I think. Some people when they get interested in something, take the time to study it, absorb as much information as they can, and tinker till they become an expert. Others more passively will take an interest for a minute or two, but lack the drive to immerse themselves. I suspect it's the first type that are vapers... at least in these early stages. I pray someday as Pedro has said, that our children read about cigarettes in history books and think - wow - look what humans used to do!
I do not have an Authentic Caravela and would love to be a part of the Pirate Family! I did try to get in on the few for sale in the Classifieds but it seems I was too late! If the spare parts you speak of are still for sale I would be interested. You are awesome VW and I thank you for everything you do for the community here on the forum!
I am also waiting for the Nau to be released and am hoping that it will be my chance to finally be a part of the  *yarr* family! You all are an awesome group and I look forward to becoming a member!

Thanks again VW!   *pirat3*

Nic, Why don't you work with Philip to purchase one of his spares. See my post below for details.

Philip100, whose beautiful photographs have made all of us fall in love through the years, has made a very generous offer to sell the spares to his two legendary Caravelas, 178, and 179, at cost. This means you would order direct from Pedro and choose your size, finish, etc. A chance for those who did not make the list to own a Caravela - not just any Caravela... but the sibling to a famous Caravela. PM if you are interested.

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