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Introduce Yourself / Boas pessoal / Hi guys!
« Last post by Bitinho on April 07, 2017, 07:33:07 PM »
Hi guys,

I am Vitor and I'm Portuguese but currently living in London. I have started vaping 2 years ago and I am deeply in love with the Caravela Mods.
Currently, I vape on a G-Priv with Big Baby Beast and Indestructible by Jay Bo. I do my own coils and liquids, usually 3mg and a bunch of other stuff.
I am looking forward to learning a thing or two with you guys and more importantly, to owning a Nau.


General Chat / Relocation Companies Moving Goods Hassle Free in Rainy Season
« Last post by Tunebest on March 17, 2017, 11:36:46 AM »
In the rainy season, it cannot be debated at all that most of the people like to remain confined to their homes. The roads are chocked all over and a massive traffic jam can also be seen. Just think for an instance that if in this situation anyone has to shift the house. The thinking of relocating to the new destination in Bangalore from Delhi, particularly in the rainy season just gives the shivers. There are hardly any chances that an individual can manage to pack and move the goods in this kind of the season. This is because there is a very high danger of the items getting lost or damaged. Now, the question arises here is what to do if the relocation is to be made urgently in the rainy season. Do not fear as employing the services of the top relocation service providers in Delhi will bail you out effectively from this grave situation.

The packers and movers companies before taking out the process of shifting in the rainy months visit the house or office of an individual in advance so that a rough idea can be taken regarding the amount of the belongings to be moved. This enables the Delhi movers and packers firms to arrange the moving boxes and other kinds of the essential materials in advance so that no problem is faced when relocating in the wetter months.

You must knock out all your doubts about the movement as well as the security of the goods in the rainy season because that is well taken care of by the packers and movers companies and move them  to a new location in Bangalore. An effort is concentrated upon arranging the waterproof boxes, tapes and other kinds of the important materials so as to avoid the situation of water getting into the boxes and damaging the items.

When it is pouring quite heavily, then the truck on which the items are to be loaded is covered with the robust waterproof carpet. This makes hundred per cent sure that the goods will be delivered to the new place by the top relocation service providers in Bangalore in an efficient manner, thereby offering a huge satisfaction to the clients.

When you are hiring packers and movers companies, then make sure that company does not makes any false promises and moves the goods hassle free in the new location, especially in the rainy season. This can be done by visiting the offices of the various relocation service providers and see what all the precautions with regard to using packing materials for preventing the goods from damage.

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General Chat / Necessary To Aware About Hidden Charges While Selecting Movers
« Last post by singhaniya on February 28, 2017, 10:11:19 AM »
Are you dealing with a very complicated situation during relocation? There is an ultimate solution to solve this problem and that is proficient Packers and Movers Juhu Mumbai, the successful city of India.

You will be satisfied with their cost but while selecting any one of them you will have to be cautious and check whether the company is real one or fake, check their document to be ensured that it is government certified or not. The best thing is you will be surprised to know that you can save money in spite of hiring moving firms, if you are aware of the hidden costs. People get stuck in between if they do not consider the money in the beginning time. If you take a careful look at your agreement, then you will notice that the movers charge you little bit extra, even if you do not have any knowledge about it. So, it is important that when you hire a moving company do not keep your eyes close on the terms and conditions. All in all, it is entirely up to you guard yourself from the hidden charges and negotiate with them for the best charges.

Below are some of the various kinds of the shifting hidden costs that you may be asked to pay by the shifting companies:

It is quite true that Packers and Movers Juhu Mumbai take a note of the quantity of the packing materials required to pack the household material or office stuffs but it is also vital that you must have a sound knowledge about the things mentioned in your moving quote. If packing is included in the quote, then it is fine. On the other hand, if you want that all the asset of your home or office must be packed, then you will be certainly needed to pay an extra amount of money. To avoid this kind of situation, then you must be aware of the Packers and Movers Kurla Mumbai firm.

Mostly everybody have the huge and heavier objects at home or office to be moved, it is tough to shift them without the help of professional packers and movers. It is not compulsory that every moving firm in Kurla charge will be little bit extra. Moreover, if there is no elevator facility available, then the packers and movers will demand more money for the extra stair they have to perform with. This is one of the most common hidden costs that you must be aware of at time to hiring them.

Numbers of Packers and Movers Kurla Mumbai provide the service of express delivery of the belongings. However, if it is far location, then you can opt for the express delivery service where you would need to pay some extra charges, which is also a novel way offered by the packers and movers to extract more money from the customer.

Thus, after walking through the whole article, you can comfortably move your entire precious goods to the new location in more convenient way.

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General Chat / Hire Packers and Movers By Making Best Plan
« Last post by Nejeensm on February 21, 2017, 07:18:30 AM »
You know that you have to move your household goods from the present location to some other apartment located in a different destination but in the same city. What would you do in such a situation? Apparently, you would contact some of the best packers and movers so that you can hire a professional brand among them. There can be a possibility that youíre limited on your budget the rates offered by the mover donít match your budget. If you want to save some money, then it becomes mandatory for you that you do a slight hard work and consider packing those goods by yourself that are neither expensive nor fragile in nature.

By taking the packing of these goods in your hand, you would not have to hand them over to the moving company for packing which would let you shell extra from your pocket. You must hire the packers and movers Banaswadi service providers so that you can make the most of your experience.
You must emphasize on hiring one of the packers and movers that deal with activities like loading, unloading and moving of your goods. As far as packing and unpacking are concerned, they can be taken care of by you. These tiresome activities can be made effortless if you consider the following tips with watchfulness.

Grab the Best Packing Supplies
Pay a visit to the store and get some packing supplies of a high quality that can prevent your goods from getting any hits or jerks. Purchase some boxes of various sizes, strong packing tapes, labels, scissors and other relevant material required for packing. At the same time, enquire about the packers and movers BTM Layout companies so that you can hire them for other necessary activities.

Segregate your Goods into Various Categories
There may be a lot of goods which have not been used for a long time and you want to discard them. Thus, you must segregate these goods from the ones you need to pack and take along with you to your new apartment. The packers and movers are of the view that you should have a list of all these goods and pack them in their respective boxes with caution.

Extra Caution to be taken for Fragile Ones
The fragile items that can break just with a slight error have to be given extra care and attention like crystal showpieces, delicate crockery, picture frames etc. Why donít you consider a secret tip as given the packers and movers Jayanagar? You can wrap your delicate items with clothes like towels and safeguard them by adding an extra layer of thermo col. Donít forget to pack these goods in small cartons as they can get hits being packed in big ones.

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General Chat / Get Release Yourself From Shifting Burden With The Help Of Movers
« Last post by Nejeensm on February 21, 2017, 07:15:51 AM »
Probably you would be very much aware about the all hassle and stress that is associated with the relocation job. Whether you are moving somewhere near your local area, or very far away, process includes plenty planning and good efforts that are being done during shifting procedure.  You can sit absolutely with a peace of mind if you consider getting in touch with the best Packers and Movers Greater Kailash who will asset to reduce your shifting load.

Qualified Shifting Service Company
Several of cities are filled with qualified packers and movers, so, if you will find a reliable firm for your shifting, you can easily find the right one among them. These moving firms are well known in this business just because they provide packing and moving services extremely good and fast also meet with the all requirements of their customers that are related to relocation, and definitely arrange you each and every service possible to ensure your relocation move smooth and stress free.
The Packers and Movers Saket are well settled and experienced in order to facilitate your move, whether it is a home shifting, office shifting or even a corporate shifting. They are well organized and efficient thatís why they can undertake any tough to toughest relocation of your moves swiftly and safely. Flexible companies are better in order to shift your home or office so that you can avail them at ease.

Shifting process is not a cake walk. You have to put so many efforts to get packed everything to ensure that every article is well protected. Packing includes wrapping certain items in appropriate materials and after packing you are needed a truck on rent to transit all the households to your desired destination. At that time you need to take utmost care about fragile items that what objects are needed to go together so that they can be avoid from damages. Thus, it will be more useful for other materials as well; they will get appropriate space on to the truck. The eminent Packers and Movers in Saket suggest the same to keep your items safe.

Apart from this the knowledgeable staff of mover company help you out in unloading the truck after reaching to the destination point and set the items at a suitable locate at your home. Thus, when you arrive at your new destination you do not need to think about single thing related to shifting. As once you have hired the perfect Packers and Movers in Janakpuri your all worries regarding to move get disappear.

Movers have all those special equipment that are required for the procedure of loading and unloading which will make this transition comfortable and faster. They are adroit staff of the proficient packers and movers in Janakpuri, hence, will accomplish the task in much better way .you would be pleased seeing all your household material quite safe at your new location.
So, if you desire to hire a best packers and movers service firm for safe home shifting, they will immediately get back to you.

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Introduce Yourself / HI,VAPERS
« Last post by skybbc on February 10, 2017, 02:21:24 AM »
 *polebunny*  hi,vapers,can the caravela mod can works with my nautilus tank?
Introduce Yourself / hi all :)
« Last post by Yassine on January 12, 2017, 08:11:44 AM »
Glad to be a part of a great community!  ,

From Tunisia , finally  found   and  buy  one original caravela mod    the  # 706

have a nice day :)  *pbounce*
Introduce Yourself / You can pick fifa 17 points WOW
« Last post by fifa17rabbit on December 23, 2016, 04:07:03 AM »
If so, why not examine out? WOWyíve got a whole collection of excellent swimsuit for june, and with WOW big sale going on WOWre, you can pick fifa 17 points WOW the very best for low cost.

Feed your appetite for stunning swimsuit and show off your gorgeous human body on WOW beach!
Micromax is a well-known product that has come over with excellent lot of offerings in WOW way of fashionable and well performing devices.

 WOW new Micromax M2 is recognized as a new Double SIM Music Phone released by Micromax. Regarded as being a highly effective fifa 17 ps4 points account songs cellphone, its musical aspect is popular with Yahama guitar amp that facilitates SRS WOW HD for play-back.
General Chat / John Kuhn states goodbye towards Packers lovers on Twitter
« Last post by Zachparise on December 21, 2016, 02:06:21 AM »
<br/>John Kuhn was a lot of variables for the duration of his year as a member of the Inexperienced Bay Packers. Kuhn was a fullback, a blocker, a recipient, a exceptional groups staple, a cult hero, and even the teamís showcased managing back again for a quick period of time in just 2010 However earlier mentioned all, Kuhn was a program act who dealt with his awareness, complaint, and praise with the utmost of course.Whenever Kuhn at some point signed a free of charge representative offer this 7 days with the Fresh Orleans Saints, it marked the close of an generation of styles for Packers lovers, however totally a departure for Kuhn. His partnership toward Packers lovers within just and outside the house of Wisconsin was clear upon Saturday night time, Though Kuhn took in direction of Twitter in direction of say a heartfelt goodbye toward the followers who generated his status echo for the duration of lots of NFL stadiums.          #DearPackerNation, I sought after toward bid farewell the directly course!   John Kuhn   August 6, 2016Thank oneself, John, for displaying the moment once more the program that aided toward crank out on your own a supporter favored for 9 a long time as a Packer Nick Perry Jersey.  We desire your self the perfect of luck inside Contemporary Orleans (except if of study course the Saints and Packers finish up matching up inside the playoffs this winter season).
Introduce Yourself / Hey guys!
« Last post by kingcoq on December 11, 2016, 02:47:17 AM »
These mods are absolutely gorgeous.. wanna get one for my father and I. How could I purchase one?

Please email me at [email protected]

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